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Brand Ambassador Program

WE'D love to work with you!

We are looking for enthusiastic, social friendly, fashion-forward partners to join our Forget Me Not Hair Company Brand Ambassador Program. Sign up below to actively spread the word of our Luxurious High Quality Virgin Hair Extensions as a brand ambassador.



Product feed – available and updated every 24 hours.

Wide variety of links and banners to choose from.

Social Media friendly. Post to your favorite social media accounts.

Text, links and creative banners available to assist in marketing.

Upon approval, you’ll be up and running within 24 hours.

30% OFF all of our products 

Free Bundles/ Wig Unit after a number of sales 

  • How much Money do i need to start?
    Our Brand Ambassaor is 100% free. There in no cost to join.
  • How often do i get free hair?
    You will be awarded with some new Bundles/ Wig Unit after 5 people have used your Code. Imagine having a new hair style every month!!
  • What kind of hair does Forget Me Not Hair Company offer?
    We offer %100 Virgin Human Hair: Our hair is the highest quality hair in the market.
  • Do i have to be a Hair Stylist to join your team?
    No, as long as you have a clientele, a strong social media following, or are able to create-one, you are welcomed to join the team.
  • Do you have wigs on hand?
    Yes we do! Please check out ready to ship wigs for all wigs in stock
  • What is the processing time for a custom wig?
    Processing time for custom wigs at the moment is between 4-10 business days
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