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 Pre-order wigs

Here we have a collection of our most popular units. From this page you can place an order for a CUSTOM OR Factory-MADE WIGs. These wigs are MADE TO ORDER. After the order is placed, Please allow 3-4 days for your payment to process. Wigs in this collection are based on Pre-Orders ONLY. Turnaround time to receive a tracking number or pickup confirmation (local clients) can be anywhere between 3-5 business days for Factory-made wigs  and 7-14 business days for RAW wigs/custom wigs 

All wigs will be:

 Washed & treated, natural hairline,Bleached knots, an elastic band, wig combs. Once delivered, she is ready to wear.


wig of the month

Savings of $50-100 on all wig of the month